Training, Learning and Education

Whatever you want to call it we need to constantly acquire new knowledge if we are to remain competitive in our lives and our industry. There are many different ways to assess the leadership skills, the management skills and the team building skills within an organization. We can administer and interpret these assessments to assist your work teams, management and leadership teams and executives to become more productive. Learning is a lifelong endeavor..

Public Speaking

One of the most important and scary abilities that executives, managers, supervisors, salespeople and most of your staff needs is the ability to convey ideas. To speak clearly, competently and concisely is one of the best ways to do this. You avoid confusion, reinforce teamwork and accomplish more when employees at all levels understand what is going on and can communicate clearly both within and outside of your organization. We can help your people acquire and enhance these skills at all levels.

Sales Training and Sales Management

We all have something to sell. We can help you recruit, train and motivate your sales staff to new levels of competence, sales and profit. Prospecting skills to closing skills, we have the answers. Most importantly, we can show you how to manage this process so that you can enjoy continued success and growth within your organization.

Real Estate Acquisition-Selling, Buying and Management

We can assist your organization in the purchase, sale or leasing of business property. Likewise, we can help your management team and your employees in buying or selling homes for themselves. We also assist with corporate relocation.


We believe in taking a holistic approach to analyzing an organization. We help to enhance productivity through the identification of ways to streamline your operations and increase its efficiency. Bottom line is bottom line, we will help you increase yours.


This is a very important part of our practice. Mediation allows people/organizations too quickly, inexpensively and confidentially approach conflicting positions and discover underlying interests. This is a powerful tool that can eliminate protracted litigation and all of the upsets that it brings to individuals and organizations. Mediation can be used for both internal and external conflicts affecting an organization. It allows those in conflict more control over the outcome and creates a win/win/solution.

Leadership Skills

You manage organizations and processes but you lead people. What is your leadership style and that of your managers and supervisors? Is it the best style for your team, department or organization? One size does not fit all. We can help you determine what type of leadership is needed for each of your departments and how different individuals prefer to be lead.

Individual, Team & Executive Coaching

It is often necessary to work with individuals or teams to move them to the next level. This may be at the beginning of a career or may prove helpful throughout a career. We offer these services for entry level employees, for team building purposes and at the executive level. Many organizations, who are in transition, find coaching helpful to individuals and/or teams.

Organizational Development

Change is inevitable and no one wants to change. We are “change agents”. We can help you identify the macro and micro changes which are coming from without and within your industry. This will help you develop and grow your business so as to be able to meet these changes head on.

Hr Recruiting Retention

Finding and keeping the best people for your team and organization is a constant challenge. We can help you accomplish this and to build or enhance your Human Resources Department to administer the process. People are your most valuable asset. Why not motivate them to increase productivity, job satisfaction and organizational profit?

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